Simple list of tools I use on the daily and have come to appreciate.


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Home sweet home.

When it comes to hardware, I tend to value quality over superficiality or aesthetics, though coincidentally everything I have does tend to match together quite well:

Most of my choices are pretty self-explanatory considering my “line of work”. I choose to use a gaming mouse instead of something ergonomic because I find a lot of those mice to be needlessly overweight and too complicated software-wise. I was big into headphones for a long time (even own HD6XX's) but have recently taken a liking to IEMs, they're quite a bit better for your hair and much more comfortable for me personally.


My priorities with software are quite simple—but apparently hard to meet, it must get the job done using minimal resources, look good, be as unobtrusive as possible while still allowing for smooth integration into various workflows, and also be native (to a reasonable extent). While I already have a page where I vouch for good software, this is a list of specific heavy-hitters that I use every day:

I try to keep things as simple as possible, and use built-in solutions if they're good enough, iCal and especially are more than good enough for me and actually have turned out to be better than most of the competition, though I'll admit my use cases are far from exhaustive. too works surprisingly well as a local library manager if you turn off all the streaming service crap, it's actually quite pleasant if you do, and you get seamless cross-device syncing. Safari has unironically been a joy to use as of late, and I hope WebKit stays strong for years to come, though I wouldn't mind having to use Arc Browser forever.