Categorized list of tools that I have used extensively and can personally vouch for. The vast majority are free (FOSS) software. Although some of the "Mac Apps" have a price tag, I've been very picky with my selections and think that the ones listed are well worth what they may cost upfront.

For instead a comprehensive list of software that I think you should avoid at any and all costs, go here. Read carefully.

Terminal Utilities

It's surprising how much joy a couple 2-3 letter binary files can give you over the course of a couple years in your $HOME.

Name Description
0x0 Bypass upload limits ez.
streamrip Download audios.
yt-dlp Download videos.
sls Sudo is bloat (??).
jumpapp Overclock (x7) your productivity.
ripgrep “New wave UNIX” utilities at their finest.
stain [Sh]ell scripts to manipulate colors.
ncmpcpp The finest terminal mpd client.
qrcp File sharing made stupidly simple.
fff Manage files fucking fast.
nnn FFF's arch nemesis.
epy Read book in terminal (??).
mpd How real men play (and manage) music.
tldr tldrtfm.
imgp Batch image processing made easy.
pandoc Document conversion at it's finest.
fd Self explanatory really.
mksh The best shell (according to exo).
jo json made way 2 ez.
maim Don't scrot, maim.
dash Fast and powerful POSIX shell.
giph Easy to use GIF recorder.

Mac Apps

The final frontier against the domination of electron, truly native works of art that I can't help but respect. God Bless mac developers and may they continue doing good work.

Name Description
Quit All Great but $5 lmao.
Radio Silence Those who know, know.
Dash Docs + snippets, what else do you need?
Little Snitch For the most paranoid.
Karabiner-Elements GUI kmonad but for macOS.
Things 3 Get things done.
Acorn Does what I used GIMP for lol.
Transmit 5 The gold standard of file transfer apps.
Orion Browser The good ending for WebKit browsers.
ABFR Will save you hours of #!/bin/sh
SteerMouse Master the art of mousing.
iTerm2 The amazing terminal.
Sip A must have for anyone in design.
Reeder 5 RSS in luxury.
Lunar The infamous $23 screen dimmer.
Alfred It's legendary for a reason.
One Switch Save a few menu bar slots, will ya?
Viscosity Pair with Mullvad for peak privacy.
Bartender 4 While you're at it save a few more.
Rectangle Install and never worry about it again.
CleanShot X Acceptable “shotware”.
Pure Paste users rejoice!
AppCleaner A macintosh classic.
BetterZip *Zipping Noises*
CotEditor TextEdit deprecated.
BBEdit 30 years of not sucking.
Sketch A truly native design studio.
Pixelmator Pro “Designed to Inspire.”
Final Cut Pro The best in the business.
Onyx What CleanMyMac wishes it was.

Linux Legends

Where my love (and obsession) for truly great software started!

Name Description
berry A no-nonsense yet stylish wm.
herbe Apparently this is spyware.
Openbox The WM that does what you want it to.
Qalculate! The ultimate desktop (and cli) calculator.
mpv VLC is for millenials.
DeaDBeeF Literally foobar2000 but unix.
Audacious Bruh it support winamp skin come on.
ST Better than alacritty.
KISS Linux Bring back dylan pls.
bspwm The BEST (best) window manager.
kmonad Do literally anything with your keyboard.
gimp Need I explain?
wmutils This ISN'T A MEME.

Vim Etc.

Plugins to make the best editor even better. I recommend using vim-plug to install them, it really doesn't get any easier than that.

Name Description
neovim Of course.
vimtex LuaVimTeX is possible.
ale Who needs intellisense?
Emmett-vim A bit finger-sleazy but it works.
UltiSnips The absolute BEST snippets plugin.
fzf FZF for vim, what else is there to say?
clever-f.vim f is sort of wanky normally ngl.
tagalong.vim Install and forget.
vim-move More intuitive line movement.
auto-pairs Empirically tested best autopair plugin.
tabular Just look at the demos. Thank me later.
vim-endwise Also install and forget (btw tpope is daddy).
goyo.vim Aesthetic vim!!!.
vim-surround With great power...
vim-commentary Commenting made too easy.
vim-polyglot Valid language pack (regex heaven).
vim-css-color How do you survive without this????


Various other cool things that didn't quite fit the above categories but are by no means less significant and/or enjoyable.

Name Description
dotgrid Ez make cool logos.
svelte Cybernetically enhanced web apps.
SXIV Look at your images.
ung-chromium Best browser.
LibreWolf Also best browser.
Aseprite Necessity for pixel art.
Signal Send messages to frens, only frens.
Sass Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets.
Kalzium Pass Genchem ez.
monkey-type Best typing test.
lite For when I'm forced to use Windows.

Bad Software

Works of technological disgrace that I'm almost positive have given me at least couple STDs and a mild case of Ulcerative Colitis. I share their names in order to spare you the same suffering.

Name Description
MARS Simulator “Unused RAM is wasted RAM!”
Microsoft Teams These threads should say enough.
Eclipse IDE PLEASE deprecate this shit already.
HP Printer Drivers I thank god for Brother™ every day.
Epic Games Launcher Oh god the voices I still hear them.
Spotify How do people put up with this???