Old Rices

Mar 04, 2022 — Reyan Chaudhry

I've Been caught up in the mac world for a bit now, so I thought I'd traverse through the git history of my dotfiles and find all of my old screenshots to put in a single place once and for all.

I laugh every time I recall the absolutely embarrassing amount of work put into so many of these rices. It was a pretty good creative outlet though so I won't beat myself up over it.

Images here are in no particular order as of now, I might organize them chronologically later (some of the captions would make more sense too) but for now just enjoy this trip down memory lane:

My “current” rice for reference.
Weird sidebar phase here.
Bliss v2.0, a legend truly revived.
Bottom window-bars were trending okay.
Mountaineer's final form, definitely a top 3 rice.
Iosevka + Light Theme always did hit different.
Fucking around with openbox and polybar(s) never truly got old
An absolute fave, and the beginning of a clean home.
Inspired by the dylan himself.
Budget elementary os lmfaoooo.
Probably the most novice rice here, still not bad though.
Some OS 9 Shenaniganery.
Colors on point, vim theming quit mid though lol.
The deja-vu colorscheme meets funky window decor
1080p finally baby.
One of the peak vybes periods ever, fuckin' mpv lol
I find this one to be literally indistinguishable from actual art.
Pretty sure this one copped the most karma.
Last, but definitely not least, the original Mountaineer trio.

Anddd that's about all I could find in a reasonable amount of time, there tons more lying around but I just haven't gotten around to fetching it yet lol. As much as I hate how much time I've “wasted” on ricing, I'd love to get back to it sometime and make my own completely custom AwesomeWM + Emacs setup or something.

But alas, that is for another day...