Email Troubles

Jan 04, 2022 — Reyan Chaudhry

As time goes on, I find myself stuck in mental search loops over and over again. First it was for an editor, then an operating system, then this or that program for this or that task, hardware brand #1 vs. hardware brand #2, and so on.

The sad reality is, almost every facet of an even slightly serious persons' life (especially in fields where production drives the industry, i.e. software) is filled to the brim with products competing. More often then not, the time spent searching for perfection easily surpasses the time saved once perfection is acquired.

I would know, I've been down just about every rabbit hole there is.

Firmly Attaching The Clown Mask

The goal was simple, find a reasonably priced, privacy respecting, and trustworthy email provider met my presumably simple feature requirement: