Reyan Chaudhry is a hobbyist designer, programmer, and former student of the University of Texas at Dallas. He also dabbles in sales and photography, things that supposedly “pay the bills”.


This website serves mostly as an blog, archive, personal wiki, and design experiment. If you find it interesting (or have any issues or recommendations), it's open source! Check the footer for more info.

Everything is handmade and static (for better or worse), typefaces used include IBM Plex Mono, LyonText/Display and Inter.

There's also a fun little typing test I've made here that you can occupy yourself with, there's some pretty cool engineering behind it.


I used to be all fancy about this, but I guess nowadays you can just check out my LinkedIn and that should do the trick.


You can email me anytime at [email protected].

I'm also @reyandotco on every internet platform that matters.